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Classes will be held in Kelowna on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at our facility (1936 Windsor Rd, Kelowna).

Classes will be held in Vernon on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Beairsto Elementary.

Please consult the schedules for each site’s daily class offerings.

We WILL be offering classes on PRO D days but not Stat Holidays.

If your child feels their specific age class is not appropriate for them, we can discuss moving them to a class more suited to their abilities.

Listed below are the fees associated with being a member of the Okanagan Freestyle Fencing club. Anyone who signs up after the semester begins will get a prorated fee. Fees are for a semester; Semester 1 is September – January, and Semester 2 is February - June. Club fees are typically paid in September and February. Payments may be broken up into segments if needed.

Summer Membership $250 + GST unlimited classes
Open Fencing Drop-in Fee $20 / day
Basic Club Membership $300 + GST ($315 total) / semester
Unlimited open fencing only. This is ideal for the adult or college student who wants to drop in once or more a week for just open fencing. You may attend any of any free classes as well (currently our Saturday Sabre class through the end of October).
Bronze Membership $400 + GST ($420 total) / semester
Unlimited Open fencing + 1x Instruction led class (1 hour) per week. This is ideal for the recreational fencer who wants to learn fencing but may not be very competitive yet.
Silver Membership $600 + GST ($630 total) / semester
Unlimited open fencing + 2x (1 hour) instruction led class a week. Ideal for competitive fencers who are wanting to be at the intermediate stage and wanting a higher understanding of the sport.
Gold Membership $750 + GST ($787.50 total) / semester
Unlimited open fencing + unlimited instruction led classes + 60 minutes of private lessons each semester with Coach Matt. With this package you're basically buying private lessons and getting a lot more classes as a perk. Ideal for the fencer who wants to compete locally and out of province.
Membership Add-Ons
High Performance Kelowna $200 / semester
Vernon $150 / semester
Please note High Performance is recommended for fencers who want to increase their knowledge in a wide range of the sport (competitions, tournaments, reffing, junior coaching, Armory skills). HP is not experience-based, but you need to have a firm grasp of the basics.
If you're not sure whether High Performance is right for you, please talk to Coach Matt.
Anyone with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold membership will have a free trial membership to be used on a family member (one per semester).
Anyone with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold membership get 25% off one birthday party/private function hosted with OFF.

Paying Your Fees

Now that OFF has become a new business we have updated our banking. Since most of you pay by e-transfer please send payments to: e.

Please put the following information in the message section:

  • Vernon or Kelowna
  • Name of the Fencer,
  • Age of the fencer, (if you're an adult just put adult)
  • Membership you are paying for

For example: Kelowna, Joe Smith, 15, Silver

Please note ANYONE wishing to fence with Okanagan Freestyle Fencing MUST have their CFF / BCFA membership updated. It's $69 and like a fisher license expires on July 31 no matter when you purchase it. A new fencer has 6 weeks to purchase this after trying fencing. If you need help with this, ask us in person, by phone, or by email.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.