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Listed below are the fees associated with being a part of the Okanagan Freestyle Fencing club. Anyone who signs up mid semester will get a prorated fee. Fees are a per semester basis. Club fees are typically paid in September and February. Payments may be broken up into segments.

Trial Memberships (Intended for students wanting to try the club first) - $75 + $100 damage deposit, includes 4 classes, all equipment provided and one to one coaching.

5-6:30pm Classes (Intended for youth ages 8-12) - $325 Once a week / $500 Unlimited*

6:40-8:30pm (Intended for students aged 13 and older) - $375 Once a week / $575 Unlimited*

High Performance (Intended for students with 1-2 years experience who want to learn higher level skills) - $175 Once a week / $250 Unlimited*

*Unlimited means you can attend any and all school classes for no additional costs whether they're held in Vernon or Kelowna.

Camps - Camps are held primarily at the Oyama Community Hall, 9am-3:30pm. $200 active club members / $225 for non club members

Tournaments: $30 administration fee per fencer (paid once per tournament) and a $35 event fee per event. Tournaments are primarily held at the Winfield Memorial Hall.